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Products > Airline Accessories > Quick release couplings

PCL Coupling - Standard Airflow & Adaptor

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PCL standard quick release couplings for compressed air – 'Airflow'. Designed and manufactured in the UK to the highest standards, this is the original quick release coupling whose design has been improved and developed over 50 years.

This range is very popular and widely used in the garage and automotive sectors as well as a wide range of manufacturing and processing industry.

Nominal bore size is 4.8mm and the maximum flow rate of this series is 43 cfm.

The Airflow coupling is designed for fixed installations. The Vertex coupling (see related products section) has a shoulder next to the sleeve which helps to prevent accidental disconnection in trailing hose situations.

To connect simply push the plug into the coupling. To disconnect pull back the sleeve on the coupling.

This coupling is a 'single shut off' type which means that when the coupling and plug are separated the air in the plug side is vented to atmosphere. The coupling should always be fitted on the upstream side of the air flow.

The coupling and adaptors (or plugs or probes) are available with BSP taper male or female parallel threads or with a hosetail.

Variations available on request:

Vertex – PCL Standard couplings for trailing hoses (see related products)
Safeflow – PCL Standard safety couplings (see related products)

Whatever your requirements, please contact a member of our team who will be happy to assist you.

Nominal bore:4.8mm
Maximum flow:43 cfm @ 100psi
Maximum working pressure:14 bar
Interchangeability:Rectus Series 19


TypeSizeOrder CodeAvailableEachQuantity
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PCL Std Coupling (Airflow)

Female thread1/4" BSP212281 79 PN - AC21CF £5.97
3/8" BSP212282 6 PN - AC21EF £7.09
1/2" BSP212283 26 PN - AC21JF £7.09
Male thread1/4" BSPT212284 73 PN - AC21CM £5.97
3/8" BSPT212285 21 PN - AC21EM £7.09
1/2" BSPT212286 98 PN - AC21JM £7.09
Hosetail6mm212287 26 PN - AC21R £7.09
8mm212288 26 PN - AC21S £7.09
10mm212289 30 PN - AC21T £7.09

PCL Std plug

Female thread1/4" BSP212292 70 PN - ACA2746 £1.03
3/8" BSP212293 11 PN - ACA6582 £2.00
1/2" BSP221321 14 PN - ACA6583 £2.48
Male thread1/4" BSPT212294 110 PN - ACA2593 £1.03
3/8" BSPT212295 30 PN - ACA6909 £1.03
1/2" BSPT212296 20 PN - ACA6584 £2.00
Hosetail4.75mm221322 14 PN - ACA2486 £1.03
6mm212297 14 PN - ACA1793 £1.03
8mm212298 30 PN - ACA2487 £1.03
10mm212299 142 PN - ACA2488 £1.03
13mm221323 13 PN - ACA9438 £2.00

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