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Products > Filter Regulators / Lubricators / Gauges > Air Lubricating Oil

Lubricator oil - Morris

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Lubricator oil for use in oil mist lubricators etc., for the lubrication of pneumatic tools, air motors, valves and cylinders which require lubrication. Two types available.

Aria EP22A premier, high quality, silicone free lubricator oil with special
additives to protect against rust, corrosion and water
Aria PG32 ArcticAn ice free lubricator oil that both lubricates
and absorbs moisture which could cause icing. Suitable
for pneumatic tools or any application where there is a
tendency for ice to form in the exhaust.
WarningAria arctic is incompatible with polycarbonates


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DescriptionSizeOrder CodeAvailableEachQuantity
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Standard EP225 litre202662 34 PN - AEP005 £22.40
1 litre202661 38 PN - AEP001 £5.93
Ice Free PG325 litre202663 21 PN - PG32-5 £32.83

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